Victoria Molina Art Collage Painting Miel de Azahar

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artist & designer

artist & designer

artist & designerartist & designerartist & designer

About Me


Collage Victoria Molina Vargas pintura collage arte artista mexicana

My work is composed of tiny scraps of fragmented magazines, destroyed and reconstructed meticulously, intricately, and even obsessively


Cage Chair, Iconos del diseño Victoria Molina Architectural Digest Mexico, Diseñadora mexicana

Accessories, furniture, art object, I like to work hand in hand with craftsmen and  work with processes of low technology and / or limited productions


Victoria Molina Food Design Diseño y Aliemntos Tortillas Guacamole

I like to push the boundaries of design through experimentation with materials, including food, you can read my article about innovation in this field here

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